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I teach a series of courses to strengthen mindfulness practice and support wellbeing. Courses are available for children, teens and adults.

All courses offer a blend of theory and practice: we learn in small doses, and then explore the practice for ourselves. To support our practice at home, courses come with resources and meditation recordings.

See my calendar for upcoming scheduled courses.

cultivating happiness

A 6-week course exploring how we nurture wellbeing, resilience, joy and meaning in our life.

Mindfulness-based practices informed by recent scientific research into happiness create a path towards a more joyful, authentic life.

The best course I have ever taken - and it was fun! I didn’t want it to finish.

Flourish: Mindfulness for over 55s

Over several decades of a demanding life, we develop a strong habit of being busy. It can be a challenge to simply be present.

This 6-week course offers simple, practical ways to practice mindfulness with special attention to taking care of our mind and nourishing wellbeing.

Orlaith’s mindfulness class has been a beautiful experience - a lovely mix of theory and practice.

mindful family

This 6-week course gives families an opportunity to explore mindfulness together. It is usually taught at home. 

mindfulness & Poetry

Seasonal mini-retreats to nourish and inspire.

Mindfulness practice and poetry both have the capacity to take us off autopilot and bring us into direct experience with our life. A day to indulge in powerful words and rich silence.

could not recommend enough... so rich and full of beautiful words... I leave feeling nourished and enlightened... Poetry helps to remind us who we are.

Self-care: mindfulness for busy people

Between the constant demands of parenting and the pace of daily life, it can feel like we are running through our life, with no time for ourselves.

The practice of mindfulness – of living deeply in the present moment – can open up a sense of spaciousness in our lives, where every moment becomes our own. 

Orlaith so eloquently describes the busy mind, I felt at times she had visited mine!!

calm: mindfulness for tweens

This course is aimed at young people in 5th/6th class and 1st/2nd year. It offers an introduction to the practice of mindfulness with special attention to appropriate resourcing: taking care of anxiety and nurturing calm in themselves.

My daughter really enjoyed the course. It’s a great life skill to have in their busy worlds.

focus: mindfulness for teens

This 6-week course offers young people who are facing exams an introduction to the practice of mindfulness with special attention to appropriate resourcing: developing clarity and focus, and relaxing and restoring.

Thanks for teaching me mindfulness. I’m using it, and it’s helping.

If you have questions about any of these courses, just drop me a line.