Do you feel you have no time for yourself? Between the constant demands of parenting and the pace of daily life, it can feel like we are running through our life, consumed by responsibilities: caring for children, work, home or others. What about you? 

The practice of mindfulness – of living deeply in the present moment – can open up a sense of spaciousness in our lives, where every moment becomes our own. 

This 6 week course develops our ability to be present for ourselves and to care for our body and mind in the present moment. Through learning to consciously befriend ourselves, we create a new habit of self-care, which can be with us in any environment.

I would definitely rate this course as 10/10 and would recommend the course and Orlaith to anyone.

Introduction to Mindfulness

  • What is mindfulness?
  • How does the human brain respond to mindful practice?  

Basic Practices

  • breathing
  • sitting
  • guided meditation
  • walking
  • eating 
  • deep relaxation

Special Focus

  • noticing the habits of a busy mind 
  • nurturing a habit of self-care
  • relaxing and restoring


  • The course comes with mindfulness resources – including downloadable mp3s of guided meditations and deep relaxation.
  • Students are encouraged to map their practice and experience as the course progresses.