Day Retreat:
Saturday 21 September

Join us for a day of mindfulness practice devoted to beautiful silence and powerful words.

Mindfulness opens up the rich landscape of this moment. Poetry takes us off autopilot and connects us deeply and directly with our life. Together, they offer a unique space for peace clarity, inspiration and joy.

wonderful day... could not recommend enough...
so rich and full of beautiful words... I leave feeling nourished and enlightened...
rewarding and uplifting...
Poetry helps to remind us who we are...

Questions that come up:

DO I NEED ANY EXPERIENCE?  None - in either mindfulness or in poetry.
WILL I BE WRITING POETRY?  No, we use poems as meditations, to open us up to experiencing the present moment deeply.
I DIDN'T LIKE POETRY IN SCHOOL  What we offer here is a very different approach.  You can get a sneak preview below to give you an idea.
IS IT JUST POETRY? It's a day of mindfulness, infused with poetry. It contains guided meditations, silent sits, and we always include a decadently long deep relaxation as part of the nourishing day - you can listen to a sample deep relaxation to give you a sense of the practice.

Listen to a taster

You can get an idea of how poetry can be used to take us off autopilot with these poems.