I teach how to build happier communities. Your family, your work, your school - these are all communities that we are part of. Imagine if each was a kinder, happier environment - how much easier it would be for us to thrive?

First, we learn to take good care of ourselves. We get to know ourselves and our habits, deepening understanding and strengthening our ability to be there for ourselves.

From there, we radiate outwards. When our presence is solid and we feel cared for, then we can be there for others.

International work

The pace and focus of modern life has left us feeling increasingly isolated and anxious.

How can we make a habit of happiness?

There are so many great things about our modern life and tech, but both present new challenges for our human, easily-addicted brains. Our attention span is getting shorter, and in this time of ultimate connection, we’ve never experienced such isolation. With children, it’s clear that anxiety is becoming an epidemic. So what can we do?

This is the slowest and the quietest our world is ever going to be. We need to learn how to take care of our mind and our heart in this new territory. We need to form habits that help us to be present, to focus when we need to, and to relax with utter abandon when that’s appropriate.

My approach blends practical experiences to strengthen presence with a dollop of neuroscience (I’m big into positive neuroplasticity and how mindfulness helps to debias our not-so-rational brains). And I adore poetry, and use it to take off autopilot and into our bodies. Whether I’m colouring with a school class or leading a workshop on Shame, my work is about helping people to be more present for their lives. To bring freshness and authenticity to this moment. To nourish their capacity for wellbeing and to care for their suffering.

I have practiced mindfulness for 20 years, and bring passion and deep experience to my teaching. I practice in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, which emphasises a practical approach with immediate effect. I am an ordained lay member of Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing.

I love bringing our unconscious biases to light to help clients to improve peak performance and to expand and deepen their perspective.

I am founder of two Dublin City sanghas (mindfulness practice groups) - one for adults and one for families. I offer days of mindfulness around Ireland.

I teach mindfulness widely, including in the corporate environment, schools, not-for-profits and community groups. I mentor mindfulness teachers and practitioners in the UK and Ireland.

I was Child Protection Officer for Devon Music Service (part of Devon County Council), and trained in Child Protection alongside social workers.


"I am deeply committed to creating spaces that are nourishing. In order to be nourished, we need to feel safe. I've worked for years with marginalised communities and people (of all ages) who are vulnerable. My trainings are inclusive to all, regardless of background, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, ability and sexual orientation. We practice mindfulness to take good care of ourselves, in all our stunning diversity."

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