This 6-week course allows the family to explore mindfulness together.

For children and teens, mindfulness is very accessible in short practices. In a 6-week course we learn:

  • guided practices to learn to come back to our body and our breathing
  • a little about how our brain works, so we understand how normal our habits are
  • to generate a feeling of calm and stillness
  • to cultivate happiness
  • to walk and move mindfully (so that we don’t need to sit still to be mindful)
  • to offer self-compassion to ourselves
  • to get to know our feelings of anxiety and anger, so that we can take care of them with kindness
  • to relax our body
  • to know that we’re okay, just as we are


Children don’t do what you say; they do what you do. For a child or young adult, there is little as powerful as watching the grown-ups in their lives learn to cultivate their happiness and to acknowledge and take good care of their suffering.  


Practicing at home creates a new habit. Family members learn to rest, relax, take care of themselves and their emotions and become more aware of their minds. We eat and drink together – just like regular daily life – but we do it in mindfulness. Grounding that practice within the home makes it part of daily family life.

At times, an introductory session in a neutral space may be an appropriate start.

sonas: mindfulness for children

Sonas is a community group that I run for children (and the grown ups in their lives). It offers mindfulness practice that is simple and accessible, and is aimed at 7-12 year olds.