I work with businesses to develop mindfulness solutions tailored for specific workplaces and corporate cultures.

Fostering mindfulness at work benefits both the business and individuals. From a reduction in stress to increased focus and better decision-making, there are many advantages to creating a mindful corporate environment. Whether you're interested in a taster session to a longer-term programme, discover what might work for your business.

All sessions offer a blend of theory and practice: we learn and then explore the practice for ourselves.

Unmasking our Big Little LIes (5 mins)

DisruptHR Dublin: 5 October 2017

We fall prey to behavioural bias all the time. They’re like optical illusions, constantly tricking us into believing that we are more logical, rational, and considered than the reality. But are we caught in delusion?

Mindfulness taster

Duration: 1.5 hours

A short session to discover what mindfulness is, how it feels and what effect it has on the brain.


  • introduction to mindfulness
  • guided practices
  • neuroscience of how we respond to stress and to mindfulness
  • Suitable for: up to 40 people
Highly recommended for all staff interested - a great way to destress and I have been practicing what I learned quite a bit.
It was great - we need a company daily mindfulness session!

mindfulness masterclass

Duration: Half-day

Exploration of practical mindfulness and neuroscience, giving people time to benefit from several practices and understand how the brain responds to stress. 


  • introduction to mindfulness
  • guided practices
  • neuroscience of how we respond to stress and to mindfulness
  • practices to reduce stress and build resilience
  • deep relaxation
  • Q&A - tips on practicing at work
  • Suitable for: up to 25 people
Orlaith brings great energy and humour to her presentation. Overall very enjoyable session.
I found Orlaith to be highly credible, engaging and entertaining. My learning objectives for the session were met.

Mindfulness for wellbeing

Duration: 6 week course

A course to support staff wellbeing through mindfulness, helping staff to build resilience in fast-paced, demanding environments. Blend of in-house sessions supported by weekly online resources.


  • introduction to mindfulness
  • guided practices
  • neuroscience of stress, response to meditation
  • practices to reduce stress, build resilience and clarity
  • deep relaxation
  • positive neuroplasticity for wellbeing
  • practices for specific work environments
  • Suitable for: up to 25 people
I am already doing things differently both at work and home. My mind is in a better place.
I loved every aspect of these sessions.

mindfulness for leaders

Duration: Full day

A day to support and strengthen leaders: blend of practice and theory to explore mindfulness directly and to deepen understanding of our mind.


  • mindfulness introduction & guided practices
  • neuroscience - stress and mindfulness
  • positive neuroplasticity to build resilience
  • practices to reduce stress and strengthen clarity
  • deep listening
  • deep relaxation
  • Q&A
  • Suitable for: up to 25 people
Excellent trainer – good commentator and character.
Orlaith was brilliant. Her voice brought such calm to the room and her positive attitude really allowed us to get comfortable - even in a room of our work colleagues.

One to One Sessions

Bespoke sessions to help leaders strengthen through the practice of mindfulness. These sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual, and can include: gaining clarity, leading with integrity, reaction vs response, dealing with difficult emotions, listening, managing change, coping with imposter syndrome and fear, and balancing work, self and family.

I feel I’ve had an energy reboot.

The Listening Partner

Aimed at C-level executives who require space for clarity and nuanced decision-making.