Why Sleep is Your Friend (video)

When exams are looming, it's easy to think that sleep is not important - when we need it more than ever.

During exam-time, it's easy for us to undervalue sleep and force ourselves to keep going. When we consider resting versus yet another hour's studying - study feels more productive, more likely to be the most helpful thing to do for the following day's exam. And that may not be true.

We shouldn't undervalue the effect that sleep has on our thinking, problem-solving, creativity and resilience. We need sleep to process information, work out problems and lay down memory. When we're malnourished in terms of sleep, our interpretation of the world is (even more) deluded. Worry, distraction, panic - all these are closer to the surface.

Sleep strengthens.

So whether you're taking exams, or know someone who is, be a sleep advocate! Whether it's a short nap or a full 8 hours, students can nourish body and mind with appropriate rest. Sleep will help them to be energetic, clear-headed, wise, resilient, calm, sane, resourceful - and happy.