Guided Meditation: Coming Home to our Breath (5 mins)

This short practice helps us to focus on our breathing in order to establish ourselves in the present. We come back to our body, and bring our mind home to rest for a moment. In doing so, it is possible to feel the freedom of not being swept away by the past or future, and to feel the joy of that freedom.


Guided Meditation: Mindful Break

In daily life, it’s all too easy to be sideswiped by our thoughts and emotions. We may find ourselves reacting before we even realise that we're doing it.

The practice of mindfulness can help offer clarity and increase resilience. Just a 5-minute break can help to ease addictive cycles of thinking or spiralling emotions.

In this short mindful break, we focus our body and mind on one thing (our breathing). By deliberately pausing, we give ourselves some space from our thinking and our emotions, which can help us to refresh ourselves and re-set our mood.