As we prepare for the new school year, it’s a great time to lay the foundations of a Wellbeing Routine. 

Self-care needs to be a strong habit. We need it to be ingrained: so that on a good day we STILL take time for self-care, and on a bad day we know it’s more vital than ever. 

By taking daily care of yourself, you offer care to your family, your students, your colleagues. You protect your energy, your kindness, your creativity and happiness. 

May you care for yourself every step of the way in the year ahead, 


practices to take you through your day

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A short morning meditation to start the day with wholesome nutrition for your heart.

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A short break to recharge and nourish.

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Release the day so that you can enjoy your evening.


Helping us to connect with our bodies and recognise what happiness feels like - and what anxiety or anger feel like. (Download PDF below.)

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COlouring pages

Fun ways to explore kindness, hope and connection. (Download PDF below.)

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