I teach mindfulness to children and young people, teachers and parents' associations. Through simple, practical exercises, people learn to bring their full attention to the present, nurture a sense of calm and take good care of strong emotions.

Research on incorporating mindfulness in the school environment shows a decrease in difficult behaviour and an increase in focus and concentration. Children learn to be aware of their emotions and thoughts and to take care of them. Mindfulness strengthens to ability to be attentive, which can boost quality of communication and self-awareness.

There are many options for bringing mindfulness into your school:

  • it can be delivered as part of the Primary Curriculum
  • extracurricular offering for exam-age students
  • mindfulness for parents and guardians
  • during teacher training sessions
  • after-school groups


Want to host a course in your school?
I offer 6-week mindfulness courses for:

  • school staff
  • 'tweens' (5th / 6th class, and 1st / 2nd year students)
  • exam-age students
  • transition year students