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Introducing a new online course for Winter 2018-19


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Thursday 29 November

In this webinar, Orlaith will share her experience of leading mindfulness groups for children, and will explore practical activities to encourage awareness, gratitude and build community. And we can’t talk about happiness without talking about suffering: Orlaith will share practices that she leads on difficult emotions such as fear and grief, helping children to develop appropriate resources to take good care of themselves. 

Whether you’re a teacher, parent or youth group leader, this is a great opportunity to experience creative ways of practicing mindfulness with children. 

Nourish Weekend

8-9 December

Two days to still, calm and ground your presence within the momentum of the Christmas season.

Cultivating Happiness

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Spring course starts 27 January 2019

A six-week course to strengthen our experience of wellbeing.

"I would highly recommend this course to EVERYONE." - Participant


Suaimhneas  - Mindfulness group for adults

See facebook.com/suaimhneassangha for details.

Sonas - Mindfulness group for children

See facebook.com/sonassangha for details of this mindfulness group aimed at children aged 7-12 yrs old (and the grown ups in their lives).